Join the President's Circle


The President's Circle was formed to help provide a source of unrestricted support to aid the President in sustaining programs vital to our mission such as funding scholarships for deserving students, stimulating new academic programs, and enhancing college outreach to the community.

Create your Legacy


Have you thought about how you will communicate the values you have held so dear during your lifetime? If you are like 80% of Americans, probably not. This website is your resource to help you create a will or to learn about other estate planning options that will help you express your values.


Interim Development Officer

One temporary, interim full-time position for a period of up to six months or longer.


This is an interim assignment requiring experience in person-to-person fundraising and/or comfort in person-to-person outreach and relationship building, familiarity of fundraising and marketing principles, as well as skill in overseeing, managing and troubleshooting large and complex special events. The tasks and expectations of the position are detailed from month to month with the anticipation that the initiatives that are now underway will be sustained and possibly enhanced.


Closing date: January 20, 2015