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The President's Circle fund was formed to help provide a source of unrestricted support to aid the President in sustaining programs vital to our mission such as funding scholarships for deserving students, stimulating new academic programs, and enhancing college outreach to the community.

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Have you thought about how you will communicate the values you have held so dear during your lifetime? If you are like 80% of Americans, probably not. This website is your resource to help you create a will or to learn about other estate planning options that will help you express your values.


The Campaign for Opportunity Scholarships: Phase II Matching Funds Available

Community colleges are the open door to higher education for 4 out of 5 young Americans. For most, the price of attending a community college is not only affordable, but also the deal of a lifetime. Students receive high quality instruction that leads to either a significant increase in wages or access to some of the most prestigious universities in the country. For too many students, however, even the affordable option of a community college can be an overwhelming financial obstacle.