The Hoang Vu Tran Memorial Scholarship

The Hoang Vu Tran Memorial Scholarship was established to support justice impacted students. 
Our beloved Vu had a passion for music, poetry, and great works of literature. He was an avid reader, writer, published author, talented craftsman, and mentor to a multitude of men. His works of literature, art, and crafts were admired by many and inspired a generation of men and women to strive for greatness despite facing the challenges life presents. He was loved for his immense generosity, quick wit, infectious smile, and his ability to make all those around him feel loved and cherished. Vu leaves behind a legacy of putting the needs of others before his own. Recognized for his abilities to bring about the best in others, Vu's talents to help and inspire will be memorialized through the recipients of this scholarship. 

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