College For Kids
July 2018


The MiraCosta College for Kids summer program was created over 20 years ago to engage young students ages 6 – 17 in hands-on curriculum designed to excite, spark curiosity and encourage inquiry. For many of the students who attend, this will be their first experience coming to the MiraCosta Oceanside or San Elijo campuses. This early exposure assures a comfortable and fun pre-college experience.


When a child learns how to make home-made pasta; when a young girl builds a model rocket and watches it soar; when an eager student peers through a microscope and discovers a whole new world, learning comes alive. It is experiences like these that comprise MiraCosta’s innovative College for Kids program, one that will ignite students’ interest in future college subjects and careers.  College for Kids serves over 850 students each summer and is one of the lowest cost enrichment programs in all of North San Diego County.


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Military and Veterans Scholarship
March 2018


The MiraCosta College Foundation strongly encourages you to contribute to the Military and Veterans Scholarship this month. This scholarship, which is currently underfunded, is a crucial resource for our students as they push towards their academic goals. In addition, your donations are a meaningful way to give back to those who serve in our military.

This scholarship is for military active-duty or veteran students who are enrolled in six units or more, have a GPA of 2.0 or greater, and demonstrate financial need.


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February 2018


RAFFY is a MiraCosta College program that provides crucial, meaningful support to our former foster youth students through counseling, emergency grants, housing referrals, food supplies, and much more. The students are served by committed, highly trained counselors who support their academic journey every step of the way. RAFFY (Resources & Assistance for Former Foster Youth) also cultivates a welcoming community for former foster youth students through workshops and events. 


Without the support typically provided by family, these students need help from their community in order to overcome life’s obstacles and excel academically. By giving to RAFFY today, you will ensure that this outstanding program continues to provide excellent student service for years to come.


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Lynda Lee Scholarship
November 2017


The Lynda Lee Scholarship has been created in honor of former Dean of Community Education Lynda Lee. The scholarship will help Continuing Education Program students achieve their educational goals, and can be used for developing skills such as English as a second language, earning a high school diploma or GED certificate, or enrolling in a credit course of study. Financial assistance is not always available for continuing education classes and many students struggle financially. Donations towards this scholarship are greatly appreciated.


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