Current Campaigns

Your gift to any or all of these campaigns will make a significant difference in the life of a student.

The need for a college educated workforce in the United States continues to grow. While access to higher education has become more important than ever, the cost of education continues to rise, making higher education simply unaffordable for many students from low and middle income families. It is MiraCosta's Promise to remove financial barriers to attending college by offering a year of college without fees and providing textbook funding support to all eligible students in our local community. Learn more.


Resources & Assistance for Former Foster Youth (RAFFY)

Most of us had parents who watched us grow, protected us, and helped us launch our lives. What if you didn't have any of that? How hard would the future seem? How difficult would it be to choose college and navigate all of the decisions you need to make to be successful?

Read more about the how you can help serve our Former Foster Youth.

Veterans' Assistance

MiraCosta College is stepping up its support of veterans, knowing that the path to a secure and stable future is through education. For veterans transitioning to civilian life, community colleges, with a 100% acceptance rate, affordable tuition and fees, and a full spectrum of educational options, are often the best choice.

Read more about how you can help assist veterans

Textbook Scholarships

Rising enrollment fees are creating financial hardships for students, and finding the money to pay for books and supplies is becoming more and more difficult. The average annual cost of books and supplies for college students is now $1,250. Your gift of a textbook scholarship will help the Foundation ensure that MiraCosta students are able to afford the necessary materials for their classes.

Your donation could make the final decision as to whether or not a student attends MiraCosta College.

Read more about Textbook Scholarships.