Serving Former foster youth

Most of us had parents who watched us grow, protected us, and helped us launch our lives. What if you didn't have any of that? How hard would the future seem?

That is the situation facing hundreds, thousands, of young adults who have come through the foster care system. Without help, the future facing them is bleak. Two out of five will be homeless, do jail time or be on public assistance. They all face minimum wage jobs and a dearth of opportunities. And their loss becomes our loss, as society pays the literal and figurative price in the loss of their potential and the cost to society.

Quick Facts


MiraCosta College has worked to help

MiraCosta College has always offered counseling and support services for students. But while the counseling staff has been creative in establishing community partnerships directly aimed at serving students who are former foster youth, including joint programs with the YMCA and Promises2Youth, there is no specific support for them. That means even those who have the courage to start college, often do not have the resources to be successful.

Now we need your support

Your gift can create real change in the lives of former foster youth. Your support can provide a student with assistance with college expenses or with emergency needs like housing and food, which can make all the difference to a student trying to stay in college.