Stephen “Hap” L’Heureux, President
Law Offices of Stephen M. L’Heureux

George Karetas
Retired, Principal Premier Food Services


Alec Babiarz, Vice President
Techfounder Consulting, LLC

Carol Kennedy
Manager, Community Relations
California Coast Credit Union


Julie Ames
President and CEO
The Cambridge Group

Dr. Janice Kurth
Independent Consultant


Bruce Bandemer
Bandemer Accountancy Corporation

David McGuigan
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Raye Clendening
Retired, Educator and Community Volunteer

Sudershan Shaunak
Director, Small Business Development Center
North San Diego County



Amber Esquivel

Tax Manager
Aldrich Advisors

Tim Snodgrass

Founding Partner
Axxcess Capital Partners, LLC


Roger Gillespie
Director of Facilities
Datron World Communications, Inc.
Denise Stillinger
Biology Professor, MiraCosta College

Elizabeth Glasser
Experienced Volunteer in Support of Disabled Students

Retired, Attorney

Sharon Wiback
Principal Product Manager



Greg Grajek
Senior Vice President
Excel Wealth Management

Gary Wrench
Retired, Chief Financial Officer, BEI Technologies, Inc.


Martha P. Gresham
Retired, Bio-Analyst and Alumna



Foundation Board Advisors

Foundation Board Committees 2017-2018

Chair: Bruce Bandemer
Members: George Karetas, Sudershan Shaunak
Staff: Cynthia Rice Carroll
Goal: To participate in the hiring and review of the annual audit and make recommendation to the Board as a whole with regard to the acceptance of the audit.

Business Roundtable
Chair: Alec Babiarz
Members: Amber Esquivel, Greg Grajek
Staff: Elaine Dodge
Goals: To actively participate in the Business Roundtable, growing the group and networking with community leaders to prepare MiraCosta College students for the workforce.

Chair: Steven "Hap" L' Heureux
Members: Alec Babiarz, Raye Clendening, Ron Mitchell, Denise Stillinger
Advisors: Dr. Sunny Cooke, Charlie Ng
Staff: Cynthia Rice Carroll
Goals: To provide oversight of Board committees and Foundation activity

Chair: TBD
Members: Alec Babiarz, Amber Esquivel, Greg Grajek, Michael McCarthy, Gary Wrench
Advisor: Charlie Ng
Staff: Cynthia Rice Carroll
Goals: Oversee all financial, planned giving and investment activities. Oversee the development of fiscal policies and procedures. Oversee the presentation of the annual budget.

Innovation Grants
Chair: Martha Gresham
Members: Raye Clendening, Amber Esquivel, Gary Wrench
Staff: Elaine Dodge
Goal: To evaluate mini-grant proposals and award grants.

Nominations and Governance
Chair: Sudershan Shaunak
Members: Elizabeth Glasser, George Karetas, Dr. Janice Kurth, Denise Stillinger
Staff: Cynthia Rice Carroll
Goals: Recruit new members with high fundraising potential to the Board. Increase Board diversity. Develop process to track and monitor Board Member performance and compliance with relevant policies. Develop process to enhance board member engagement.


Members: Martha Gresham, Dr. Janice Kurth, Denise Stillinger

Staff: Diane Danielewicz, MiraCosta College Scholarship Coordinator

Goals: To award scholarships to students based on specified criteria, to enhance and strengthen students educational skills.