Philanthropists of the Year

FY15/16 - Thao Ha

Sociology professor, Dr. Thao Ha, an enthusiastic and engaging professor impacting students every day in the classroom, gives generously from her own pocketbook. She began giving almost from the day she arrived on campus by signing up for payroll giving and by occasionally dropping off a check in the Development and Foundation Office. In addition to her personal giving, Dr. Ha is a leader in encouraging her colleagues to give either through payroll giving or by encouraging them to buy jewelry that she designs and sells, with all of the profits going to support MiraCosta College and its students.


FY14/15 - Dr. Richard Robertson

Dr. Robertson’s philanthropic nature started during the last year of his undergraduate studies when he needed money to help pay for books, transportation and living expenses. The scholarship he received made it possible for him to quit a dish washing job and concentrate on his senior project. Today, he is “paying it forward” by helping to fund scholarships for current college students.



FY13/14 - Dr. Mohammed Rajah

Mathematics professor Mohammed Rajah, has given more than $100,000 to fund student scholarships since his tenure began in 1975.  Rajah, a staunch believer in financially supporting scholarships, campus programs and Medal of Honor awards is known in his department for encouraging others to join him, as his department has the highest payroll giving participation rate on campus.  Hundreds of students have benefitted from his generosity.

FY12/13 - Steven Deineh

Steven Deineh, MiraCosta College instruction librarian and faculty co-adviser to the Gay Straight Alliance student club, has and continues to be a strong advocate for payroll giving because he understands the financial need our students face. "I know many employees donate time and money to personal causes all over the county. For me, payroll giving is an easy way to donate to a cause I am passionate about without any additional monthly effort on my part. And over time, even small monthly amounts add up significantly! The GSA endowment is at a little more than $30,000, but once we reach $50k, we'll be able to double our impact by awarding a $1,000 scholarship to two students every year!”