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Learn About Kristina Cunningham

Kristina Kristina Cunningham was employed as a gig worker for music festivals when the pandemic hit. With her employment opportunities drastically limited overnight, she looked to the MiraCosta Engineering Technician program at TCI for a career change. The 600-hour course would be a demanding 40 hour a week commitment for 15 weeks, but with a baby due by the end of the year, the timing to get into a new career as a technician was perfect. Kristina proved to be one of the top students in her cohort, with a growing interest in automation. While completing the Engineering course, Kristina signed up for a PLC course on weekends, that she could use as leverage with automation companies. At the time of graduation, Kristina was employed at a local company focusing on automation. Since her employment, Kristina has already been promoted twice, including the most recent promotion to an equipment maintenance shift lead! With this new stability and career, Kristina can support her growing family, in a way that was made possible from her dedication and the programs at MiraCosta TCI.

Learn About The Moyes Family

Moyes Family The Moyes family of seven ran into some hard luck with their father losing his job while their mother was working long hours as a server at Denny’s. With their income, they were unable to keep their home. Mom and dad were able to move their family into a travel trailer on a friend’s property, but they did not have electricity or running water. They had a roof over their head but were very close to becoming homeless. Four of the seven family members (mom and three sons) took our Engineering Technician program and completed. With the assistance of new jobs and increase in wages, the family is now in a home with electricity and running water. Kristy Moyes, mother, stated, “Going over memories there really aren’t enough words that I could express properly on the betterment of my life because I was in your lives and program. It truly was awesome.” Kristy is now able to support her two younger children and husband on her new salary. She also shared that her new income allows her family to be healthier. Two of her sons are now working and supporting themselves.


Unlike any other year in our college’s history, students have been confronted with insurmountable barriers and it is your support that can give them a lifeline during these challenging times.

Your support is crucial!

Brandon Jackson

"Passed the technical knowledge test 1st try with the knowledge I gained from MiraCosta Technology Career Institute . The advanced course material was surprisingly very applicable to the job skills required for success in the technology industry."

- Brandon Jackson, BMET student –